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Newark Delaware Workers Compensation Lawyers

Delaware Work Injury Attorneys

newark delaware workers compensation lawyers

Newark, Delaware is a very populated area of New Castle County Delaware. Many people live and work in the Newark, Delaware area year round. In addition to these people Newark also grows exponentially in terms of population when the University Of Delaware is in session. In addition to the year round residents, he influx of students, teachers, professors, law enforcement officials  and other working people also increase the chance of being involved in a workplace accident in Newark, Delaware. Please let our Newark Delaware workers compensation lawyers help you.

If you have suffered an injury at work in Newark, Delaware please understand that you have rights and may be entitled to compensation. This is true even if you are a minor, a part time or seasonal employee in Newark, Delaware. Call The Newark Delaware Workers Compensation Lawyers at our firm regarding your claim. They can be reached at (302) 777-3500. You can also email the firm here.

Occupations In Newark Delaware And Common Work Accidents

Newark, Delaware tends to have a younger working population than other areas of Delaware. This is due to so many college students attending the University of Delaware. There are many types of jobs in the Newark, Delaware area such as administrative jobs, medical and medical support jobs, jobs in the legal profession. Newark also offers many teaching jobs as well as clerical and support jobs at the University of Delaware. In addition, many jobs in the restaurant, bar, retail and entertainment industries exist in Newark, Delaware.

All of these carry some type of risk of accident or injury. Work related slips, trips, falls, repetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, bicycle accidents and auto accidents are very common in Newark, Delaware. Jobs requiring a substantial amount of physical activity can also cause workplace accidents and injuries in the Newark, Delaware area. Regardless of the type of injury you sustained or accident you were involved in it is in your best interest to retain our Newark Delaware workers’ compensation lawyers.

How Our Newark Work Injury Attorneys Can Help You

In addition to lost wages due to missed work time there are other areas where your life can be impacted other ways as well. A Newark, Delaware work accident can also jeopardize your academic future if you are a college student. There is also the very real possibility that you will face financial hardship due to medical bills and medical expenses that can pile up following a work related accident. Since you want to focus on recovering from your injuries sustained in the accident our Newark, DE Work Accident Attorneys can, and will, handle the legal and administrative aspects of your situation.

Contact Our Newark Delaware Workers Compensation Lawyers

Consulting with our team of Newark Delaware workers compensation lawyers and work comp attorneys very soon after your work related accident is a wise move. The Newark, DE workers’ comp attorneys at our Newark law office will fight on your behalf and make sure that your legal rights are protected. They will also get you the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages. Dial (302) 777-3500 to discuss your case. You can also email our Newark Delaware workers’ comp attorneys by clicking here.

They proudly serve all of Newark, Delaware, Christiana, Delaware and the University of Delaware area. They also serve those injured while working in the following zip codes: 19702, 19711, 19712, 19713, 19714, 19715, 19716, 19717, 19718, 19725 and 19726.