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Auto Accidents

Delaware auto accident lawyersDelaware Auto Accident Lawyers

In an instant, your life can change forever if you are hurt in a Delaware auto accident, trucking accident or motorcycle accident. A serious car accident could cause life-altering injuries or even death. Negligent acts like speeding, talking on cell phones, eating and failing to obey traffic signals have become commonplace, leaving people on the road vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Per Delaware auto accident laws if you have been injured in a Delaware auto accident you have rights and may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. You need the help of our Delaware auto accident lawyers and Newark DE car accident attorneys.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious traffic accident in New Castle County, Kent County or Sussex County, Delaware, Beverly L. Bove, Attorney at Law, is here to help you. E-mail or call us at 302-777-3500 for a free consultation with a trusted Delaware personal injury lawyer. Free on site parking without the aggravation of driving into the city. From our Wilmington accident law office, our Delaware auto accident lawyers serve accident & injury victims throughout all of Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania including Wilmington, Newark, Middletown, Dover, Milford, Harrington, Millsboro, Laurel, Seaford, Georgetown and Rehoboth Beach.

Delaware Traffic Accident Statistics

According to the Delaware State Police 2015 Annual Traffic Statistical Report there were 24,066 auto accidents in Delaware in 2015. That equates to almost 66 auto accidents every single day. Of those 24,066 accidents 133 people lost their lives and 8,058 people suffered injuries. The accidents totaled an economic loss of $641 million dollars. Alcohol was a factor in approximately half of the auto accidents in 2015 as well as half of the traffic fatalities.

DE Uninsured Motorist & Underinsured Motorist Laws

With an effective date of December 13, 2017, Governor Carney signed House Bill (HB) 114 into law raising bodily injury liability coverage for all new car insurance policies  the liability limits under Title 21 Delaware Code Section 2902 from $15,000 per person/$30,000 per collision to $25,000 per person/$50,000 per collision. For existing policies, the new law takes effect upon renewal.

If you’re at fault for a car accident in Delaware and another party (driver, passenger, pedestrian, etc.) is injured, the liability coverage on your car insurance policy kicks in and covers damages to the injured party up to the amount purchased. Under the new law, that amount is now $25,000 per person (max $50,000, for multiple parties).

By law,  the new law also effectively increases Uninsured/Underinsured minimum to coverage in Delaware to $25,000/$50,000. Under Title 18, Section 3902, UIM/UM coverage amounts must be in an amount no less than the bodily injury liability coverage amounts. In other words, the UIM/UM coverage amount equals the bodily injury liability coverage amounts, which are now $25,000/$50,000 effective December 13, 2017.

UM/UIM coverage protects Delaware residents when they are injured in car accidents where the other driver either doesn’t have enough coverage (underinsured) or isn’t covered at all (uninsured). When these types of car accidents happen, and they do happen quite often, an injured Delaware resident can make a UM/UIM claim under their own policy. If you have been injured in an accident and the liable party does not have insurance please call our team of Dover Delaware auto accident lawyers.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

A serious, and even minor, auto accidents in Delaware can result in very serious and fatal injuries. Common car accident injuries can be:

Head injuries including concussions, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, open & closed head injuries.

Back injuries such as strains, nerve injuries, spinal cord injuries and disc injuries.

Connective tissue injuries to the tendons, ligaments, meniscus, shoulders, elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Neck injuries including whiplash, cervical spine injuries and muscle tears.

Broken bones including eyes, nose, teeth, jaw, femur, sternum, tibia, fibula, ulna, feet and hands.

Sprains & strains to all muscle groups and connective tissue systems.

Nervous system injuries such as brain injury, concussions, full and partial paralysis injuries.

Wrongful death and accidental death caused by auto accidents and workplace accidents.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of Dover, Delaware auto accident lawyers regardless of the type of injury you have sustained.

What To Do After A Car Accident In Delaware

Unfortunately, many people will be involved in some type of car, truck or motorcycle accident at some point in their lifetime. Even minor accidents can injure you physically.

You may not be sure of what steps to take at the crash scene or in the days immediately following an accident. Despite this, there are some tips on what you should do at the scene of the accident as well as afterwards.

At The Accident Scene

  1. Stay at the scene of the accident. It is never advisable to leave the scene. Regardless of how minor the accident or how minimal the damage it is imperative that you remain at the scene. Leaving the scene could result with your being charged with a crime. If anyone was hurt or suffered bodily injury due to the accident or any property was damaged, the legal consequences can compound quickly. If anyone was injured at the scene, call an ambulance immediately.
  1. Exchange contact information & insurance information with the other driver or drivers. This will make filing a claim with the insurance company that much easier. When conversing with the other driver do not discuss liability, or who is at fault. Never admit fault regarding the accident.
  2. Call the police. It is important for an officer to investigate the collision and prepare a police report. The other driver may also be given a motor vehicle citation.
  3. Take pictures. Many people today have camera capability on their cell phone, I-Pod, I-Phone or PDA. Use this technology to your advantage to help document the accident scene. Take pictures of all vehicles involved from various angles. This includes positions of the vehicles as well as the location of the accident.
  4. Should any witnesses stop at the accident scene you should obtain as much information from the witness as possible including, name, address, contact number and email address. If a lawsuit ensues, witness testimony is usually very helpful.
  5. Seek appropriate medical care. When an accident occurs your adrenaline, as well as emotions, will most likely be running high. This will mask any pain from injuries you could have sustained. It is always a good idea to make an emergency room visit and be seen by a doctor or medical professional. Automobile accident injuries are not always immediately visible.

They can become apparent some time after the accident. For instance, a head injury can leave you feeling dizzy, nauseated and confused. Seeing your Primary Care Provider (PCP) very soon after the collision is another good idea. Documenting an injury is very important soon after a collision. It is also wise to connect with our Newark, Delaware auto accident lawyers to discuss your case right away.

Following The Accident

  1. Write down what happened. Depending on the severity of the crash it is not always possible to remember every detail at the time of the accident. Recording as much as you can remember at home may help later on.
  2. Contact an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney. Having a knowledgeable Delaware Car Accident Attorney on your side will help you when going through the post accident legal process. This may involve issues such as vehicle repairs, recovering medical expenses and obtaining financial compensation for other losses and injuries.

3. You will also need to alert your insurance company of the accident. Initially you will need to provide the insurer with basic information regarding the accident such as where it occurred, details of any property damage, any injuries sustained as well as the other driver’s information. From there you will be contacted by a claims adjuster who may take a recorded statement form you.

When First Meeting with Your Attorney

When you first meet with your lawyer it is important to bring the following with you:

  1. Name and contact information of any other drivers involved in the accident
  2. Copy of the police report
  3. Names and contact information of any involved witnesses
  4. Any & all accident scene photographs
  5. Insurance claim number
  6. Name & contact information for insurance adjuster

With this information our Harrington, Delaware auto accident lawyers can investigate your claim on your behalf. They will be able to determine any compensation sources available, including your own insurance carrier. Your attorney should handle all communications with the insurance companies on your behalf. Lastly, have our Hockessin Delaware auto accident lawyers file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.

Possible Compensation Sources In Delaware Injury Cases

When, where and how your car accident took place has a lot to do with determining what sources of compensation you may be entitled to. Common means of compensation in Delaware personal injury cases are: current and future medical benefits, therapy costs, surgery costs, financial compensation, lost wages compensation and, if applicable, pain and suffering compensation. Working with our Seaford Delaware car accident lawyers will ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your injuries.

Passengers Rights In Delaware Car Accident Claims

As a passenger you have rights if you were injured in a Delaware car crash. You bear no legal liability and you could have done nothing to prevent the accident. Delaware personal injury law allows for you to seek benefits and compensation for your injures from all liable parties. Liable parties can be the owner of the vehicle that hit you, the driver of the car you were in or corporate entities if you were hit by a commercial vehicle. By retaining our Middletown Delaware auto accident lawyers you will know that your rights are protected and that you will get all benefits from all possible compensation sources.

Automobile Accident Liability Laws In Delaware

When involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in Delaware there is usually someone else at fault. If you are driving attentively, sober and obeying traffic laws your odds of causing a car accident are slim. However, you should be concerned with the driving habits of those you share the road with. Other drivers may not be as cautious or responsible as you are. If another driver slams or crashes into you, regardless of why, they are more often than not responsible for and damage or injuries you sustain. Other parties can also be at fault in Delaware.

Establishing Auto Accident Liability In Delaware

No 2 Delaware car accident cases are the same. While the types of accidents may be similar the circumstances leading up to the accident and who, or what corporate or government entity, is responsible and legally liable are never the same. Also, where a car accident happened and what was going on in the area also helps our New Castle Delaware car accident lawyers to figure out who is liable. In an automobile accident occurring in Delaware there can be any of the following parties who are liable:

  • The other driver or drivers insurance company (if multiple drivers caused your injuries)
  • Parents of the other driver if they were minors/teenagers
  • Your own insurance carrier(s)
  • State government
  • Local Government
  • Local Municipality
  • Your employer
  • The other drivers employer
  • Contractors/Subcontractors/Construction Outfits
  • Corporate Entities/Businesses
  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • Auto Mechanics/Repair Shops

Regardless of who is responsible for your injuries and medical costs having our team of Newark, DE car accident lawyers will ensure all responsible parties compensate you accordingly.

How Our Delaware Car Accident Injury Attorneys Can Help

It is one thing to determine what possible parties may be responsible for your injuries. It is another to know how to properly analyze and investigate an auto accident to pinpoint exactly what parties are responsible. There is an extraordinary amount of work, research and resources that is involved when investigating an accident. Our Wilmington, DE accident attorneys will work with experts such as expert witnesses, witnesses, doctors and medical professionals and forensic accident specialists. If your case goes ti trial it will be necessary to recreate the accident and examine all evidence related to the accident. Having our Georgetoewn, DE car accident lawyers do all of this regarding your case will ensure that your injuries, medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering are properly compensated for by those responsible.

Experienced Newark Delaware Auto Accident Lawyers

Our team of Lewes Delaware auto accident lawyers & Rehoboth Beach car accident attorneys possess many years of combined experience. We want to put that experience on your side, helping you get the compensation you need to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs following a car accident. As your legal counsel our Wilmington, DE auto accident attorneys will take every step to see that the person responsible for your injuries is held accountable for their act of carelessness.

Providing Exceptional Client Services and Personal Attention

We believe that you deserve personal attention. When you choose us to represent you in your car crash case, we will take the time to learn how the car accident has changed your life, and the lives your family members. We will listen to you in order to find out what you want to achieve from your case. Our Pike Creek Delaware car accident lawyers will explain the process to you. You will be provided with information about the choices you have to make and the potential outcomes. When we move forward, you can rest assured that every step we take will be a step toward meeting your specific needs.

Contact Our Delaware Auto Accident Lawyers 

Whether the car accident happened on I-95, Route 13, Route 1 or any of the other roads and interstates statewide, or in eastern Pennsylvania, we are here to help. We are willing to provide the aggressive representation you deserve. Delaware Auto Accident Lawyers Beverly Bove and Vince Hedrick will work to skillfully negotiate a settlement that is fair for you and your family.

If the insurance company of the responsible driver is unwilling to provide fair compensation, we will be ready to take your case to the next level. If the other driver does not have insurance coverage, we may be able help you pursue an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim against your auto insurance company. We are trial attorneys who prepare every case to withstand a battle in the courtroom. We will fight for you.

To discuss your car accident case with an experienced Wilmington Delaware auto accident injury lawyer, e-mail us or call us at 302-777-3500.

The Delaware auto accident lawyers at our firm serve accident victims throughout Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. This includes Wilmington, Newark, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Brandywine, Fairfax, Talleyville, Kennett Square, Chester, West Chester, Coatesville, Media, Upper Darby, Malvern, Phoenixville, Avondale, Downingtown, Broomall, Bear. Glasgow, Middletown, Odessa, Smyrna, Townsend, Dover, Milford, Millsboro, Georgetown, Seaford, Laurel, Dagsboro, Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and Ocean View, Delaware.